Autodesk Quantity Takeoff 2012 Program Cost

Takeoff in Minutes Automatically Quantity Takeoff provides a whole new way of working. Perform a takeoff on an entire building information model BIM in just minutes not days, as with more traditional methods through integration of 2D and 3D design data. Select for Larger View Greater Flexibility With greater flexibility than typical databases or spreadsheets, Quantity Takeoff enables a smoother, more accurate quantity surveying workflow for cost estimators. Working in 3D, you can perform intuitive, interactive examination of models to gain a better understanding of the model for estimating purposes. Object visibility and transparency are adjustable according to building section or component type. The highly configurable project catalog makes it quicker and easier to organize design and construction objects. Select for Larger View Dynamic Counting Count and quantify all design data related to your project more quickly and easily. Unlimited component subassemblies enable easier categorization and quantification of materials that make up individual building components. Use the Search Takeoff function for a faster takeoff of similar intelligent drawing objects, seamlessly organize them in the project catalog, and immediately analyze your results in the powerful quantity takeoff workbook. Use multiple line segments, arcs, or a combination of line and arc segments when tracing geometry on a floor plan. Specify whether to treat a series of continuously drawn segments as a single takeoff measurement or as individual takeoff measurements. Rapidly perform area calculations, linear measurements, and counts, and organize your results more quickly and easily in the project catalog. Share, Query, and Clarify Autodesk Quantity Takeoff automatically generates quantities linked to specific objects, enabling faster, more efficient navigation and takeoff. Please send us any questions, suggestions or concerns you may have. Thank you. Posted at


Autodesk Quantity Takeoff & estimation with coasting full training Part 1

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