There are two different versions of the operating system by Fairphone: You can contact Customer support when you have questions about the default Fairphone OS Fairphone Open, an open source code release. The latest version of Fairphone Open is available at code. This option is recommended for advanced users only. With these two versions, you can choose between the Google experience and the freedom of open source. Both versions are officially supported by Fairphone and we will provide continuous software updates.

Because the code is openly available, everybody is free to make other operating systems work on the Fairphone 2. Any questions about these systems or help that you need if you use these systems, you can post or find on these forums.

For this software build we do not provide the tools to enable root access. If you are interested in rooting you may want to switch to Fairphone Open - this alternative is explained below. Why does my Fairphone 2 not come rooted by default? Do you provide a separate rooting solution for Fairphone OS? We always try to find the best compromise for different users.

Enabling root access by default poses a security risk for less advanced users. So we decided against it. It is also a requirement of third parties whose software we ship with the phone.

Why does my Fairphone 2 come pre-installed with the Google Mobile Services? The Fairphone 2 has the Google Mobile Services pre-installed. Because we know that our community believes in the possibilities of other software, we opened the source code of our operating system.

Apart from that, we are working with the communities of alternative operating systems so you can run the software you want on your hardware. It only contains open source software with the exception of the proprietary drivers you will need to properly run the hardware.

This operating system enables you to activate root access through the Developer options. Please note Some apps will not work with this build because the root access might be considered harmful e. Is Fairphone supporting both the default and the open source version equally? Yes, Fairphone fully supports both versions. With questions about the default Fairphone OS, you can contact customer support. Is it hard to switch between the two versions? Can I go back to the default operating system easily?

We provide installable update files i. ZIP files for both versions. You can find the files for the default version with the Google Mobile Services on the related support page.

Amaze and open the file with the Fairphone Updater Apply the update to install the new version.

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