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There are two main categories of aftershave: The alcohol-based aftershaves are the classic aftershaves most of your are familiar with. The witch hazel aftershaves though are what we are covering today.

Because I believe hands down witch hazel toner is the best aftershave. One of my favorite things about witch hazel is that it is a natural product. Witch hazel is a plant that is native to North America. Its species name is Hamamelis virginiana, but it is also sometimes called winterbloom. To make witch hazel products, companies extract the tannins and polyphenols from the plants bark and leaves. They then take that witch hazel product and dilute it down with other ingredients to make the final product.

Witch hazel toners are usually mixed with several other all-natural ingredients and are alcohol-free. Witch hazel astringents though are usually made with just witch hazel and alcohol. I always recommend witch hazel toners over witch hazel astringents. We will get into more detail later, but the main reason is that since witch hazel toners are alcohol-free, they are less likely to dry your skin out.

Reason 1: It's An Astringent An astringent is a skincare product that causes your skin to tighten up and contract when it is applied.

And why would you want to apply an astringent to your face after shaving? The first reason for applying an astringent after shaving is because it helps treat any small nicks, cuts and weepers. Witch hazel is a pretty mild astringent, but it definitely can help close up smaller nicks and cuts and stop the bleeding. This helps prevent blemishes and acne because it prevents oil, dirt and other grime from getting in your pores.

There are other astringent options available to use as an aftershave, but witch hazel is easily my favorite astringent. An astringent is a skincare product that causes your skin to tighten up and contract when it is applied. Reason 2: It's An Antiseptic Applying an antiseptic to your face after shaving is really important. Witch hazel is a pretty mild antiseptic. So while it definitely does help kill bacteria, I do recommend also using an alum block after each shave.

I think alum blocks are just a little stronger and easier to cover every square inch. Then after applying your alum block, you can use your witch hazel to clean everything up and act as another layer of defense against bacteria.

Reason 3: It's A Toner A toner is a product that tightens the skin and minimizes pores while also absorbing any excess oil, dirt or other products on your skin. So a toner is basically a mild astringent but with the added benefit of also keeping your skin clean and healthy.

Most other facial washes or toners that get oil and dirt off your face are probably going to dry your skin out. Not witch hazel toner though. It does a remarkable job of keeping your skin clean and hydrated. Reason 4: Remember earlier I mentioned how rough shaving is on your face? Well using an anti-inflammatory for you skin after shaving is great because it helps soothe your skin and minimize the effects of any razor burn.

In fact, witch hazel is such a great anti-inflammatory that people also use it with aloe vera to try and treat sunburns. It just does such a great job of minimize redness and soothing the skin. If you really want to prevent razor burn, you need to do things like shave with the grain and use proper technique with your razor. But using an alum block and witch hazel in your post-shave routine will go a long ways in minimizing its effects. Reason 5: The reason why alcohol is used in most classic aftershaves is because it will kill any bacteria.

But the problem is that there is a chance it will also dry your skin out. An aftershave should be soothing and make your face feel healthy and refreshed. But alcohol has the opposite effect and can lead to even more razor irritation.

Witch hazel is both an astringent and antiseptic without alcohol. Reason 6: It's Easy to Use Witch hazel is really easy to use and adds minimal time to your post-shave routine. After shaving, and after you use an alum block, rinse your face off with cold water. Then grab your witch hazel and put about a tablespoon of it in the palm of your hand. Then, just apply it all over your face like a splash.

I usually let the witch hazel dry on my face for about 30 seconds and then apply a facial moisturizer or aftershave balm to help even more with moisturization.


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