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Volume discounts continue to be available for purchases of five or more. This walkthrough shows you how to create your first mileage table using MPMileCharter. It is aimed at people who are new to Microsoft MapPoint. Before using MileCharter, it is recommended that you spend some time experimenting with MapPoint and working through the tutorials provided by Microsoft. This walkthrough is for MapPoint. There is a similar walkthrough for MileCharter for Maptitude. There is a screenshot of MapPoint for each Buy Microsoft MapPoint 2006 Europe of the walkthrough. Click on the small thumbnail to open a new window Buy Microsoft MapPoint 2006 Europe a full size version of the screenshot. Later versions of MapPoint and later will work in the same manner, although some MapPoint buttons, icons, etc may appear slightly different. The European edition also works in the same manner, but you will need to substitute some of the place names. The size of this window has been reduced in size so that it will fit in the MPMileCharter documentation. It is recommended Buy Microsoft MapPoint 2006 Europe you maximize Microsoft MapPoint so that you take full advantage of your screen. Notice all the toolbars across the top. The slider is a zoom slider. Try sliding this and you will see that MapPoint zooms in and out. To the right of the zoom slider are two buttons that control MapPoint's zoom and pan behavior. The left one lets you drag-select a zoom window with your mouse. The one on the right lets you pan the map by "grabbing" it click Buy Microsoft MapPoint 2006 Europe the map with Buy Microsoft MapPoint 2006 Europe left mouse button and dragging it. Personally I prefer the pan option, but the choice is yours. The legend and overview is to the left. The overview shows you which part of the Earth you are currently looking at. In the above map this might be obvious, but when you zoom in, it is easy to get lost. Notice the Drawing Tools tool bar which is usually along the bottom. This has a variety of shapes and a pushpin symbol. This toolbar is often switched off by default in later versions of MapPoint, but these include the pushpin symbol on one of the other toolbars. Finding a Location To the left of the zoom slider is the Find box. Click on this and type "San Francisco" and press "Enter".

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Buy Microsoft MapPoint 2006 Europe

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