Can I buy EndNote?

EndNote X9 has been released There it is: EndNote X9. Can I buy EndNote? of you have ordered EndNote X9 already and should have received your license details and download links. If you haven't downloaded and using it please Can I buy EndNote? to our shop and go to your 'My Account' section. For the ones who did not order already, please buy EndNote X9 now. If you have EndNote X7 or X8, choose the upgrade edition. Else buy the full version of EndNote X9. For the students, there is again the EndNote X9 Student edition. Important to realize Even the demo version of EndNote X9 although it will be installed in a different directory will change your application shortcuts. Your library will be converted automatically. This applies both for Reference Manager as for EndNote users. You Can I buy EndNote? feel comfortable switching to EndNote X9. Just as a precaution make a backup of your EndNote library and your documents. This is an advise that we always give, not only for this specific occasion. Backup regularly. You don't want to lose your article or thesis or libraries when something happens to your pc or your hard disk. Reference Manager users are advised to review our frequently asked questions page for instructions how to switch to EndNote. Reference Manager databases and citations in your articles can be converted automatically.

Can I buy EndNote?


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