Can you buy AutoCAD 2010 outright?

Aug 20, 17 2: Autocad and older won't or may not work on Windows Just have to work around a bit. Aug 20, 17 4: My Autocad LT worked fine until the last Windows 10 update. I'm not great with computers so I just went with the subscription model. Actually when I was upgrading Autocad last year to the newest version and I was on the phone with Autodesk, the IT guys said that there is no way I could run 04 on Win I took a screen shot and sent it to him. He was puzzled! Aug 20, 17 6: Aug 21, 17 4: It does everything CAD does and a lot more , it has a very similar command line with many of the exact or near exact same commands, and the interface can remain as caveman-like as you wish - you can pare it down even more than CAD. There will be a learning curve in terms of sheet sets and plotting as those features are accessed differently, but they are available. It's more than suffice for solo work. As a bonus if you ever start to feel adventurous and want to do some quick 3D work down the line, you have that option without needing to give autodesk more dollars. Aug 21, 17 8: Seriously, Autodesk has put a lot of effort into suppressing the sale of older copies of ACAD as well as not supporting fixes that would make them play well with current Windows versions. Real innovations and improvements to AutoCad ended quite a while ago, and by making it impossible to "own" the program on a CD-Rom, Autodesk now keeps the money coming in by running a subscription scheme driven by periodic forced upgrades. Aug 21, 17 I just want the CD and use it as much as I want.

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