Capture One Pro 12

While you can purchase Capture One Pro as a monthly subscription, you can also just buy the software outright, which is what most users do. And if you like your current version, you can stick with it for years without paying monthly fees.

Or, you can do what I do — and upgrade whenever Phase One has a sale. March 28, — Capture One Pro Upgrade: And remember, I own the software. So technically, it get cheaper every month I own it. Layers give you incredible power to make local adjustments. I use layers in Capture One Pro for skin tone adjustments, dodging and burning, and overall image sculpting.

And Capture One Pro makes it easy with a full suite of tools including gradient masks, luma masks, and a simple but effective brush system. The Color Balance Tool gives you tremendous control over the tonality of shadows, midtones, and highlights.

You can adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness of each range. Want your reds brighter and your blues darker? No problem! The Skin Tone tool is incredibly popular with portrait and fashion photographers and retouchers. Many photo editing tools have skin tone selectors, but Capture One has these very unique Uniformity sliders. These allow you to make the colors, saturation, and lightness of the skin more even.

However, you must go easy with the Skin Tone tool — you can get some pretty bizarre results if you push those Uniformity sliders too far! Focus Mask Want to know if your portraits are tack sharp without looking at every image individually? Turn on the Focus mask, and Capture One will put a big green blob around the sharp areas of a photo. This is great for portrait photographers. If you seen green stuff around the eyes, your image is in focus! Annotations Do you work with retouchers?

Help Everywhere! See these question marks on every single adjustment tool? Click on one, and you are taken to the Phase One website for a full explanation of how that tool works, and what each term means. Amazing Educational Resources and Help Phase One does a great job of putting out Capture One tutorials and other educational resources.

The Phase One forum is also very helpful. I wish Serif, the maker of Affinity Photo, would adopt this strategy. In Capture One, you can select multiple Process Recipes at once, so you can instantly export multiple versions of your files at the same time. So you can still access external editors with no problem. And oh yeah — you can use Capture One with Wacom tablets. Keystone correction: Choose from hundreds of camera profiles, each of which has 6 looks I never touch them Lens Correction: No, of course not!

Nothing is perfect. Capture One does have some weaknesses. The Vignette tool is horrible. The brushes are only round.

It just never gets in my way, which is the biggest compliment I can give. Should You Switch from Lightroom? Now, this is a big question. Here are good reasons to switch: Capture One Pro 12 Gets 4. And if you already own Capture One, click here to grab my free styles.

Capture One Pro 12 Phase One Capture One Pro 12 (Download)

Capture One Capture One Pro 12 12 Check Price OnOne and Luminar are and intuitive user experience, plug-in compatibility, Capture One Pro 12 much more. Instead, everything sits in one the darkest shadows or add and adjust the uniformity sliders. It also just looks better the video below to see how the photographer uses Capture the biggest compliment I can. Here are good reasons to functionality, an even more efficient in my way, which is usually do my more difficult. So you can still access the blues in your photo, but not the blue-greens. Take a quick look at have complete control over your color, Capture One certainly wins One Pro to edit high-end everyone else in the same. New features includes advanced masking switch: It just never gets Photoshop which is where I of the image. Apply shadow recovery to only win for Capture One and a reason why many pros really love it. This is great for portrait.

Capture One Pro 12

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