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Powerful in the right hands. Detailed options for managing resources. Customizable reports. Cons Confusing to buy, learn, and use. Doesn't integrate with many apps outside the Microsoft family. Pricier than competitors. Bottom Line It takes specific conditions for Microsoft Project to be a team's best option for project management, but when all the stars align, it's a powerful tool. First, you really must have a certified project manager on board to drive the software. Second, time has to be on your side and your certified project manager can't be rushed to learn to use the tool. Third, your team should already be a Microsoft house, or it should be willing to become one. Fourth, the number of projects your team manages and their level of complexity should be quite high. If your organization meets these criteria, Microsoft Project may prove to be an invaluable tool. If not, you're better served by another option, and there are many. If you've read this far and realized that Microsoft Project isn't right for your team, I recommend three other options. Both are reasonably priced and very easy to learn to use, even if you're not a project management master yet. The other tool that earns the Editors' Choice is LiquidPlanner, a high-end tool that's ideal for larger teams managing not just projects but also people and other resources. A Few Caveats Microsoft Project takes a long time to learn to use and even longer to master. I am writing this review from the point of view of someone who has not mastered it not even close but who has experimented with it for some weeks and asked questions of Microsoft representatives to learn more. My point of view includes comparison testing with dozens of other project management apps, from lightweight ones designed for small businesses to enterprise-grade options. Because Microsoft Project is something of a bear, I would recommend complementing my article with user reviews by people who have worked with the tool extensively and can provide different insights into how it holds up in the long term. Pricing and Plans There are two ways to buy Microsoft Project. You can add it to an Office subscription or you can buy a standalone version for on-premises deployment. The options get confusing, so let me go through them piece by piece. View All 11 Photos in Gallery Office add-on. When you add Microsoft Project to an Office subscription, you get the cloud-based version of the app. There are three pricing levels for this type of purchase: Project Online Professional, Premium, and Essentials. With this level of service, each person gets to use the Microsoft Project desktop app on up to five computers for project management only, not portfolio management.

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Aug 4, - All tests were averaged PowerPoint discount obtain MS Office I would like to stick around for Microsoft Project Professional buy. While these factors are of less import to most users, those who want professional tips, tricks, and best practice Buy cheap MS Project Professional checks. Jan 10, - Discover the best Microsoft Project alternatives for creating Gantt charts, project plans, and other PM how-to guide for choosing a Microsoft Project alternative for your projects. .. Zoho Projects has extensive Gantt chart features and capabilities at an affordable price range which .. 09/03/ at am.

Cheap MS Project Professional 2017

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