Cheapest PowerDirector 14 Ultimate

It features a native bit, fast-rendering engine and supports a wide variety of formats including UltraHD 4K resolution xoffering the power and flexibility to efficiently work with footage from most sources.

The interface is designed to be very intuitive, allowing for simple and enjoyable operation. PowerDirector 14 Ultimate Suite is loaded with creative tools, effects, and transitions, such as Motion Tracking, Screen Recorder, and Picture-in-Picture Designer, and also includes cinematic 3rd-party effects packages. It supports up to tracks on the timeline, so you can drop in numerous video, audio, Cheapest PowerDirector 14 Ultimate photo files and effects to make your project just what you want it to be.

The different PowerDirector 14 versions -- Ultimate Suite, Ultimate, and Ultra -- all share the same video editing features. Key Features ColorDirector 4 Color grading is essential for evoking responses from your video viewers. ColorDirector's features include split toning, HDR, regional and global blur, film-style grades, video tinting, color replacement, contrast and tint modification, live histogram, dynamic keyframing, video noise reduction, edge sharpening, look-up table conversion, and more.

AudioDirector 6 Also included with PowerDirector Ultimate Suite is a sophisticated audio studio offering end-to-end audio editing, mixing, recording, and production tools. Features include round-trip editing, audio and effects synchronization, automated dialogue alignment, frequency spectrum and waveform views, restoration adjustment tools, noise profile presets, creative audio effects, loop recording, multitrack mixing, multitrack volume control, and more.

Transition Designer Create unique transitions from any image or logo using alpha channel masks to control their shape. Title Designer Customize a title's motion, font size, gradient color, border, blur level, transparency, and reflection.

Picture-in-Picture Designer Overlay animated objects on your videos and use simple transforming tools to create engaging Cheapest PowerDirector 14 Ultimate collages.

Theme Designer Choose from more than 30 animated theme templates and simply drag-and-drop your own footage in to create animated slideshows. MultiCam Designer Combine and switch between up to 4 camera shots Cheapest PowerDirector 14 Ultimate one synced video.

Menu Designer Create fully customizable disc menu layouts, structures, font Cheapest PowerDirector 14 Ultimate, and chapter thumbnails. Screen Recorder Capture gameplay, create instructional videos, or record video chats at 30 fps. Action Cam Center This extreme video editing toolkit lets you stabilize shaky action video, correct fish-eye, apply slow motion, correct color problems from filming in snow or underwater, and more.

Motion Tracking Select the object or person you want Cheapest PowerDirector 14 Ultimate track, add a title, media clip, or effect to the tracked object, and click "Track" and PowerDirector will do the rest for you. MultiCam Editing The MultiCam Audio Sync feature allows you to synchronize up to timeline tracks by audio, and the MultiCam Designer lets you switch between 4 simultaneous camera shots to simulate live broadcasting.

You can store your projects online to access anytime and anywhere. All Features.

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