Cheapest SQL Server 2014 Enterprise

Azure SQL Database. In this chapter, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each option. For more information about installing and connecting to an Azure SQL Database, refer to our article Microsoft Azure, our first steps to migrate data.

This article was made on February It is possible that the prices will change over the time, but it is a good start point. As you can see, the prices depend on different components. The price is 24 USD per month and 0. The more cores, the more expensive it is. The Enterprise edition is the most expensive and it includes several features not included in the Standard or Web edition. The Web edition is the cheapest option.

The Standard edition support maximum 16 cores and the Enterprise version can support any number of cores. The Enterprise edition has no limit. There are several limitations of each SQL Edition. The DTU is the Data Transaction Unit, which measures the number of transactions supported per second in stress conditions.

If you just need to store the information of your app in a Database and you do not want to worry about the Database Administration, the SQL Azure Database is the best option. We cannot forget that there is a new option for SQL Azure Databases named elastic database, which is in Preview version. This is a new feature to handle multiple Azure SQL Databases in a Pool to simplify the administration if several databases are required.

We will explain this feature on detail in another article. Which one is easier to learn? The VM Machine in Azure is as difficult as a local machine. You do not need to worry about the Administration of the Database. If want to improve the performance, you just need to pay more and that is all. Which one is more secure? The passwords can be protected using the OS security. In SQL Azure Database, if you have the credentials you can basically stole all the information from any device by default.

When you need to connect with other tools, it is secure and it requires certificates or other secure tools, but the Web Portal can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Which one can be administered from any device? What is amazing about Azure SQL Database is that you can create and administer your database from your iPhone, your Android or any other similar device. If you have a browser, you can create, delete or administer your database.

The connection is a straightforward process. What is the maximum database size supported by each option? In the virtual machines in Azure, the maximum size in VMs can be found in this link: Sizes for Virtual Machines. Conclusion In this article, we explained the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

To resume, if you already have an infrastructure and a SQL team that can handle the VM machines in Azure, it is a good option the work with Virtual Machines. The Azure SQL is the best option if you have a new application and you do not have many resources or time to administer a SQL Server Database and you have a low budget, this option is the best.

Cheapest SQL Server 2014 Enterprise


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