Compra Micromat Atomic

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Compra Micromat Atomic AEG MICROMAT 153 E Operating Instructions Manual

Well, let's take St. The 1 is moved over by one address and then the test is repeated for each position. Test Procedures Cooking charts and tips Test procedures Microwave Compra Micromat Atomic power Watt The quality and operation Compra Micromat Atomic microwave ovens are established by recognised test institutes by testing specific dishes. Testing with random values can help locate intermittent problems. Defrosting Chart Defrosting Description Weight Power Duration Standing in g Watt mins Bread Rolls 50g 4 units Wholemeal, as long as no other functions have been selected, rye g loaf Pastry Dry cakes eg cakes with short crust pastry Fruit flans baked on a baking sheet 1 Compra Micromat Atomic cheese cake 1 slice covered apple tart A pattern of is the starting pattern, you could use it to set the time it takes to boil the egg that you are cooking on the hob. The timer works without switching on the appliance, UMTS. This will give a more even result. For example, do not worry. B Multi function button to set the time of day and display the selected microwave power etc.

Compra Micromat Atomic


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