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Well worth the money for a small coffee shop. I highly recommend for a new business. Brady R. It has two group heads, allowing us to draw four shots at a time. It comes with three portafilters. Two are for two shots, and the last is for a single shot. We have it hard wired and plumbed into our trailer. Set up is fast and easy. During down time, it draws very little power.

It is reliable, and easy to use. It takes about ten minutes to heat up in the morning. Because we are in a coffee trailer, we had to use a water pump to maintain pressure in the machine. This is a Espresso 2 Online Store machine, and we have been very happy with it.

Julie L. We purchased The esp2 three years ago and it is a real work horse. Dollar for dollar it will match any of the higher end espresso machines and it's an attractive eye catcher.

I am totally pleased with this machine. Mark R. The esp2 works better than our old La Pavoni and was cheaper. It was extremely well packed for shipment and I had it installed within Espresso 2 Online Store hour.

I expect this machine will give us many years of service mainly because it's from Grindmaster-Cecilware, one of the best coffee equipment companies in the U. Lee C. It was replaced, and failed again. Cecilware will not refund the item although the defect is due on their part, and the customer Espresso 2 Online Store from Cecilware was extremely rude when we explained our situation, forwarded us to his manager who sent us to voicemail and never called back. Will not be using cecilware for any further shops we are opening this year, and will replace the other products of Espresso 2 Online Store we purchased as well.

Elisabeth S. For recommendations, please Espresso 2 Online Store our Customer Solutions team. WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions 7 out of 12 found this review helpful This machine pulls a great shot The company acknowledged this and sent me a new one.

Upon contacting the company, they told Espresso 2 Online Store they would take care of it right away They never Espresso 2 Online Store and I am still waiting. This is ruining my countertop with the leaks. They wont take my Espresso 2 Online Store, they wont return my calls.

I have no choice but to buy a new machine. Sandra M. You have been sent a replacement machine! WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions 7 out of 7 found this review helpful This espresso machine has helped us get our business started and has kept it going! Very dependable, it has not given us any trouble!

It's great Bailey A. We haven't had a single problem with this Espresso 2 Online Store. We make tons of espresso shots and steam a lot of milk and never an issue! This is a great machine! Espresso 2 Online Store c. Everything arrived free of damage and a lot of packaging to be sure your item arrives safe.

Brynn G. This product Espresso 2 Online Store very substantial for all we need to do and is able to keep up with customers.

Candee K. It is sleek and attractive looking, and better yet it produces delicious and persistent espresso. It has the capability to keep up with our busy business and continually pump out persistently smooth and tasty coffee. It is very easy to clean, and adjust. Kelly A. I read reviews and researched many other machines.

For the money, this is the best bang for your buck. When the espresso machine in our coffee trailer dies we are quickly buying another cecilware espresso machine. Daniel S. The wand with its adorable coffee bean not only protects your fingers from burning but also gives the machine an adorable look. Thanks to this machine we can program it to our liking. Making espresso drinks will never be the same again!

Jack C. It brews really strong espresso and it's never bitter. Linda S. I use this in my shop and keep up with demand easily. Jonathan P. It not only looks nice and appealing it can do everything you would ever need it to do with ease. MIn K. It has a very sleek and modern look to it and it works very efficiently!

The steamers work great, which are something that I have had a problem with other machines in the past. Eric S. A nice quality machine and works really fast for volume making.

Jerry C. I contacted webstaurant store and they directed me to the factory for warranty problems. I called Cecilware and was told it is a common problem and could be fixed with new O-rings.

I was told I would have to buy them because this is a ware item. Even though it worked only 2 days. I decided to order 25 only to find out they don't have any stock. I then had the left steam wand valve stop 1 week later. I again contacted Cecilware factory and they said they would ship parts overnight to fix the problem and sent me a video on how to repair. The part never arrived. Then the next day the right valve stopped working. I Espresso 2 Online Store the factory again and asked Espresso 2 Online Store to replace the unit and I was told the were out of stock for at least 2 weeks.

So I contacted webstaurant to see if they would help they sent me back to the factory said that was my only option. I asked wedstaurant to replace the unit from there stock or refund my monies so I could buy a new one from some ware else that had stock so I could reopen my Espresso 2 Online Store shop. Once again I was told that this was a problem with the factory no them.

Our Customer Solutions team has provided you with the warranty information that the manufacturer can assist you with. WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions 2 out of 2 found this review helpful For the price, it's okay, but it's a bit Espresso 2 Online Store.

My portafilters constantly pop out while shots are being poured. Made for experienced baristas only. Michael V. Not only does it perform, but it has great sleek looks to it! It will pay for itself in no time! Michael S. Pulls consistent shots once you get it dialed in. The only complaint I would have is not getting the 3 group head machine over the 2 because when working in a higher volume the extra group Espresso 2 Online Store would be great. Overall great machine and great price Justine N.

Makes very good espresso. Had the machine for almost 2 years now and so far so good, just Espresso 2 Online Store wear and tear except I had to fix a part on it that wasn't suppose to breakbut was under warranty so it worked out fine. Tara O. We currently make on about 15 espresso drinks a day, but I know it will be able to handle more than that.

Froths milk perfectly and was very easy to get the espresso shots dialed in and programmed.

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