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My ethics are what makes my site tick, and they are what make me tick. They have shaped my career and my life. FilmConvert becoming an affiliate for my site was unexpected. I was late to the party, again, in my talking about it. For more on my ethics please read my ethics statement here. Before we go any further…for the FilmConvert film completion please go right to the bottom of the page!!!

BUT…more importantly another excuse to go out and shoot!! Make sure you export to H with a very high bit rate to cope with the grain. One of the biggest is the organic look to it which is far away from the harsh reality of video.

The grain, the colours, the way it flatters, the richness, the beauty. So many aspects of film are just so gorgeous. Is it nostalgia? Film is what I have been trying to make my video look like for all my career. Yet I have never shot movie film professionally! I shoot a lot of still photography on film. Just not movie film! Why not? Well after spending 17 years in a staff job working in broadcast TV news solidly using Beta, there was no opportunity and certainly no need.

By the time I went freelance 7 years ago, I was looking at getting a DigiBetacam but instead came across things called depth of field adaptors and when I coupled them with HD video cameras like the Z1, EX1 etc, I had a really lovely organic looking image. The most film-like image I had ever shot, and without the very costly outlay that shooting on film unfortunately gives you.

That is the direction I took and also how this whole site started, sharing my experiences with them. I always recommend going back to basics for many things, as technology takes away a lot of discipline from us. HD video cameras are harsh and unflattering generally. I would say roughly 4 times harsher!

The detail that HD gave us on many cameras, and now 4K, is mind blowing…it also shows up everything and most generally that is not a good thing! Of course, it depends on what you are shooting. Sport, nature docs and news for example. Could you imagine all the news looking filmic?

Harsh video and good. I want news to look real. In fact many cameras today look very filmic straight from the files. I have used many of them over the past years. None of them have ever done what I want: FilmConvert does. I have taken the harshest, mode video like stuff I have and ran it through FilmConvert and have been blown away by it. Vince blogged about it late last year.

I bought it earlier this year and have not stopped using it since. What makes filmconvert special? Many things.

Yes you can add grain, size, type, look depends on what stock you use both in size and brand. The key thing is that they have taken a scientific approach. As film is scanned digitally these days anyway to be used, they simply shot using different Kodak and Fuji film stock and also with video cameras not just video cameras but all the different profiles out there and worked out what exactly needs to be done to the colours. In an example on their site, they have a shot on Fuji Pro s and the 5DmkII and worked out exactly what needs to be done to the colours of the mk2 footage to make it look like that stock.

They have done all the work for you and analysed it exactly. This is a pretty amazing thing. Currently as of Sunday the 28th of July , they have support for the below cameras with their respective profiles, and with all the profiles out there, that is a lot of options!

Arri Alexa.

FilmConvert Pro Program for Sale


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