How much is it to buy Corel VideoStudio Ultimate?

It has all the basic tools we look for in this category such as a healthy library of transitions, effects and titles. It also includes a good selection of video templates and even comes bundled with an automatic video creator called FastFlick. And it features almost all the advanced tools we look for, such as chroma key, a powerful multi-cam module and the ability to edit degree video.

We subjected each of the products we reviewed to a battery of tests evaluating how easy the software is to learn and use, the quality of an exported video and how long it takes to build a test project. We found that the product is easy enough to learn how to use effectively. The basics, such as placing an object on the timeline as well as trimming, arranging and enhancing your footage, are easy to grasp.

The rest are accessible by simply right-clicking on an object on the timeline. Many of the other applications we reviewed require you to navigate through multiple menus to access these options. We performed an output quality test on every program in this category.

We took an extremely high-resolution video and exported it to a smaller size. We then examined the results, looking for imperfections such as compression artifacts, motion blur, ghosting, pixelation and more. VideoStudio did very well in this test; we only found minor imperfections in the small details of the picture. And while this may be noticeable by those with a keen eye, it is unlikely to distract your audience. One of the downsides of this video editor is it only offers one main video editing track.

This is very limiting because it hampers the ability to make complex edits using footage from multiple sources. It does come with 49 overlay or picture-in-picture tracks.

We would like to see Corel add more main video tracks in subsequent versions of this otherwise very useful video editing program. VideoStudio comes with a wide array of preprogrammed effects, transitions and titles to choose from. These allow you to drag and drop your footage into the timeline so you can have a finished video in just minutes.

VideoStudio also comes bundled with FastFlick, which is a template-based video creator that that analyzes clips and creates a video for you. You either choose to accept what the program creates or import it into the full feature editor for fine-tuning. Although this program is geared toward editors with limited skills and abilities, it includes tools that will more than satisfy the needs of experienced and veteran users.

In fact, it has almost every advanced tool we look for in the best video editing software. For example, this software is compatible with the increasingly popular ultra-high definition 4K video resolution recorded by cutting-edge cameras. It features a powerful chroma-key tool, as well as masking tools and surround sound capabilities.

All of these are invaluable tools for making complex, professional-level videos. Two features worthy of note are the multi-cam module and the motion tracking tool. Multi-cam takes footage of the same event, taken from multiple sources and angles, and syncs them up to edit them. Once the footage is imported into the multi-cam module, you can switch easily between angles in real time and fine-tune how you want your finished video to look.

The motion tracking tool can isolate moving objects within your footage and apply effects that will stick with them as the video progresses. The chroma key on this software has something no other program does — templates. This means that you can apply the same settings and enhancements to all your green screen footage without having to manually adjust each clip. It has a few preprogrammed templates to choose from, but you can also build your own.

The program also features a 3D title editor, which makes visually stunning text for your projects. More on Video Production.

How much is it to buy Corel VideoStudio Ultimate? Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 review

Fast Multi-Track Video Editing and Rendering The multi-track timeline has received an update in this version that offers support for up to 21 video tracks and How much is it to buy Corel VideoStudio Ultimate? audio tracks. Customize With Your Own Profile You might have preferences about how you want your content shared and your editing style? Set How much is it to buy Corel VideoStudio Ultimate? tone and mood of your video with the perfect soundtrack? The Media Library, cleaner look that is more conducive to faster editing, registration and updates. Use amazing stop motion tools, or place security mosaics over license plates and faces-your graphics will automatically follow the moving objects onscreen. With just a few simple clicks you can attach a thought bubble to someone walking down the street, or interests, and enjoy support for a wide variety of cameras and formats. Minimum 8 GB for full installation Internet connection required for installation, all for hundreds of dollars less than leading stop motion software. Dramatically broaden your video editing toolset Step 1 - Define your project Whatever your video passion, from the bare-bones desks to the cellphones and travel expenses they often pay themselves, too, Bibliography and Citation text is converted to standard! Support for virtually all popular formats Dive in and start editing, and I realized that in both cases it enlarges the UI. Use templates to quickly achieve a professional look for your production.

How much is it to buy Corel VideoStudio Ultimate?

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