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Spyglass in turn delivered two versions of the Mosaic browser to Microsoft, one wholly based on the NCSA source code, and another engineered from scratch but conceptually modeled on the NCSA browser.

The license to Microsoft provided Spyglass and thus NCSA with a quarterly fee plus a percentage of Microsoft's revenues for the software.

The browser was then modified and released as Internet Explorer. Microsoft originally released Internet Explorer 1. Version 1. Version 2. Version 2 was also included in Microsoft's Internet Starter Kit for Windows 95 in early , which retailed for Microsoft thus made no direct revenues on IE and was liable to pay Spyglass only the minimum quarterly fee. In , Spyglass threatened Microsoft with a contractual audit, in response to which Microsoft settled for 8 million USD. Later, Microsoft NetMeeting and Windows Media Player were integrated into the product and thus helper applications became not as necessary as they once were.

Browser wars [ edit ] Internet Explorer 4. It included an option to enable " Active Desktop " which displayed World Wide Web content on the desktop itself and was updated automatically as the content changed.

The user could select other pages for use as Active Desktops as well. This version was designed to work on Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT, and could be downloaded from the Internet, free of charge.

Outlook Express 4. Version 5 came out in March , following Microsoft's release of Internet Explorer 5. The actual release of Internet Explorer 5 happened in three stages. Firstly, a Developer Preview was released in June 5. Then in March the final release was released 5. In September it was released with Windows Version 5.

Internet Explorer 5. It mainly focused on privacy and security features, as they had become customer priorities. Microsoft implemented tools that support P3P , a technology under development by the W3C. United States v. Microsoft[ edit ] Main article: The department took issue with Microsoft's contract with OEM computer manufacturers that bound the manufacturers to include Internet Explorer with the copies of Microsoft Windows they installed on systems they shipped. It would not allow the manufacturer to put an icon for any other web browser on the default desktop in place of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft maintained that integration of its web browser into its operating system was in the interests of consumers. Microsoft asserted in court that IE was integrated with Windows 98, and that Windows 98 could not be made to operate without it. Australian computer scientist Shane Brooks later demonstrated that Windows 98 could in fact run with IE files removed. Microsoft has claimed that the software did not remove all components of Internet Explorer, leaving many dynamic link library files behind.

On April 3, , Judge Jackson issued his findings of fact that Microsoft had abused its monopoly position by attempting to "dissuade Netscape from developing Navigator as a platform", that it "withheld crucial technical information", and attempted to reduce Navigator's usage share by "giving Internet Explorer away and rewarding firms that helped build its usage share " and "excluding Navigator from important distribution channels".

This remedy was overturned on appeal, amidst charges that Jackson had revealed a bias against Microsoft in communication with reporters. The findings of fact that Microsoft had broken the law, however, were upheld. Seven months later, the Department of Justice agreed on a settlement agreement with Microsoft. As of , although nineteen states have agreed to the settlement, Massachusetts is still holding out. Thus, Internet Explorer and Windows itself would be kept more in sync.

New feature work did continue in during the development of Windows Vista ; a preview release was released at the Professional Developers Conference in October which contained an updated Internet Explorer with a version number of 6.

New features noted by reviewers included a Download Manager, pop-up blocker, add-on manager and a tool to clear browsing history.

Windows XP Service Pack 2, which was released in August after a number of delays, also contained a number of security-related fixes, new restrictions on code execution, and user interface elements that aimed to better protect the user from malware. One notable user interface element that was introduced was the "information bar".

Tony Schriner, a developer on the Internet Explorer team, explained that the information bar was introduced to reduce the possibility that the user might mis-click and allow the installation of software they did not intend, as well as to simply reduce the number of pop-ups displayed to the user. New competition [ edit ].

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Microsoft has developed eleven versions of Internet Explorer for Windows from to The license to Microsoft provided Spyglass (and thus NCSA) with a quarterly fee plus a percentage of Microsoft's revenues for the software. Top iPhone explorer software tools are covered. iExplorer is an iPhone manager developed by Macroplant. Available in three types Price: $ Platform. Sep 20, - The Best iPhone Transfer/Manager Software to Replace iTunes .. IExplorer (Price starts at $, supportsWindows and Mac) iExplorer is a.

iExplorer Program Price

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