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I've struggled and dealt with piecing together bits of code to get things to work without really know what it meant I need to go beyond what it DW and WebAssist provide with extensions. I've found a few times that I need to customize things written by WA because the extension does do it and then spend days in the forums, with support and searching the internet for answers. Travis Anyone have any experience with the training offered at Lynda. I carry it everywhere I go in case I need to look something up quickly. I have about a dozen other books on the subject and they don't compare to the ease to understand or the content provided as PHP Solutions. I read that when I wanted to make sure I was doing everything possible with Dreamweaver I - PHP with MySQL Essential Training Online Store I have come to the conclusion that Powers is probably the best author on the subject matter. I'm just starting to look at the PHP videos at Lynda. I will say I wish they had a few more selections for it. I started watching one, and got hung up at the point where the - PHP with MySQL Essential Training Online Store has you write a new variable in the path of windows vista system variables. It was supposed to make it so you could see your mysql connection when you typed in "mysql" in the cmd prompt window. However, it didn't work when I changed the path I suspect it is because the path already was changed by IIS 7 when I tried to get that working, it never did so I switched to xammp. - PHP with MySQL Essential Training Online Store PHP Training

Learn how to use PostgreSQL. He is also the instructor for many of the Swift and C based language courses. Learn more about big data from lynda. Just got finished with your Lynda. The purpose of this page is to provide links that are useful for quick access to reference info. It includes video training on PHP fundamentals, CMS and chat application, your authored material stylish. Webpage; Web address: GitHub is where people build software. Post by swania. Lynda's content is top notch and they have high production standards?

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