- Running a Design Business: Designer-Client Agreements At Low Price $9.95

Outplanr Outplanr is a tool used to keep projects on track and it gives detailed information on the time spent on it against the own estimates. It is a very useful tool when following the task progresses and to have an overview of the team accomplishments. It connects the people involved in the projects as well as external guests on the platform. Tool allows integrations with Slack, Google calendar, outlook email and others. The tool is well known for having over leading engineers, architects and consultants using it. Platform offers project and process time tracking, billing, project management, and accounting. With high focus on continues innovation and personal customer service to each client. This tool is very powerful when it comes down to calculating single architectural projects costs and adjusting estimates for the future. Free trial 15 days per sign up is available and the starter subscription is 7. ArchiSnapper ArchiSnapper is a powerful tool for any architecture office. Users are allowed to create custom, effective reports, check lists and share the information instantly with the team, customer or contractors. Currently ArchiSnapper is used by companies such as: - Running a Design Business: Designer-Client Agreements At Low Price $9.95


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