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Image credit: Apple Apple's macOS Catalina has arrived , and you can install it on your Mac right now, provided your device is new enough to actually install it. We're going to dive into macOS Catalina, all of its features and how to download it, but first a little bit of history. Apple first revealed macOS Catalina at its WWDC conference in San Jose, California earlier this year, during which the company showcased some of the awesome new features that macOS Catalina brings to the table, including its nifty capability to use an iPad as a secondary screen.

So, after a wait that seemed to take forever, we can finally download the update. This is a massive update, too, as through a new feature called "Project Catalyst," iOS 13 and iPadOS developers can easily port their work over to the macOS environment.

This means if you update your Mac today — though, you may want to wait — you should have access to a lot more Mac apps. There are a few things going away though. For instance, iTunes, the media software that's been a mainstay for almost two decades, has gone into that long night.

So, don't be concerned, you can still listen to your music and watch the new season of The Good Place. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg for macOS Catalina. Don't worry though, we're going to dig into everything that macOS And, be sure to keep this page bookmarked, as we'll keep it updated with all the latest macOS If you're having issues, check out our macOS Catalina problems: Cut to the chase What is it?

Out now How much will it cost? Apple software updates are always free The macos Still, Apple's macOS Apple didn't share any more specifics about the release, so when it launched it caught us all by surprise.

Fortunately, this does mean you can now download macOS Catalina, so long as you have a compatible Mac. You might want to wait until the next update comes out, just to ensure that any serious bugs are squashed. You see, updating your operating system is definitely a large undertaking, and you could possibly break something, losing a lot of valuable data. So, if you don't absolutely need the new software, waiting may be your best bet.

We'll update this hub as soon as we know a new update is on its way, but if you want to live on the edge, go ahead and hit that download button. A four-workspace, two-display set of Spaces.

However, Spaces does have some quirks. Some of my third-party applications became quite confused until I set them to appear in every space. Still, Apple should be credited for bringing such a geeky feature to a broader group of users. While Spaces might never become a feature that takes the world by storm, it does have the potential to dramatically improve the productivity of many users who would never have downloaded a third-party workspace utility.

Quick Look Quick Look, which appears throughout Leopard, is a technology that lets users preview the contents of documents without opening the program that was used to create them. Click on a Microsoft Word file in the Finder and press space, and the entire file will appear before you, ready to be read but not edited.

Select a movie and press space, and the movie will expand and begin to play. That same Quick Look technology lets you optionally set Finder views to display live previews of documents. Spotlight and the Open and Save dialog boxes are also Quick Look savvy.

Righting wrongs and improving features In addition to the new features introduced in Leopard, this operating system release includes major updates to numerous existing programs that are included with Mac OS X. It made for a great demo, but in everyday use Spotlight was a real letdown. The iCal interface is more straightforward and responsive, and the ability to edit entries by double-clicking on them eliminates the unwieldy Get Info pane of previous versions. And perhaps most importantly, iChat now allows you to log into multiple AIM accounts at once.

Apple Mail 3. Mail seems to be an odd place to stow this information, and the to-do interface in Mail is poorer than the one in iCal. Another out-of-place Mail feature addition is support for RSS feeds, which are already supported in Safari and numerous third-party feed-reading programs. Preview 4. Numerous other included tools have received major improvements in Leopard, as well.

Safari 3, which has been available in beta form since June , offers a dramatically improved Find command and resizable text fields for Web forms. And Front Row, which replaces the Mac interface with a remote-control driven menu system for navigating iTunes content, has been updated to use essentially the same software as the Apple TV hardware device, meaning any Mac with an infrared sensor and Leopard can play back music and videos using the slick Apple TV interface.

Wikipedia adds a depth of information to the built-in Dictionary utility. The introduction of the Automator utility in Tiger suggested the promise of regular users taking advantage of automation technologies previously limited to people who knew their way around scripting languages such as AppleScript.

In Leopard, Automator has been updated to address its two greatest limitations: Automator also now has a Record feature, which lets you record yourself performing certain tasks and then integrates those tasks into an Automator workflow.

Finally, Leopard shows remarkable improvement when it comes to handling networking issues. The Networking preference pane has also been updated with a better-organized interface.

Mac OS X Leopard

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Mac OS X 10.5 User Reviews & Pricing


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