Microsoft Outlook 2019 license

Office for Mac is also available for volume licensed customers. For more information, see Deployment guide for Office for Mac. What's changed in Office ? The biggest change since Office is that the installation technology used by the new volume licensed versions of Office is Click-to-Run, instead of Windows Installer MSI.

Click-to-Run has been the installation technology for most Office products since the release of Office In addition to Click-to-Run, the following are some other changes that you need to be aware of: For more information, review the system requirements. To configure and perform installations, you use the Office Deployment Tool , which is a free download from the Microsoft Download Center.

When you install Office Professional Plus , all apps are installed by default. But, you can configure the Office Deployment Tool to exclude certain apps from being installed. Office is installed on the system drive, which is usually the C: Updates to Office , such as security updates and bug fixes, can be configured to be automatically downloaded and installed from the Office CDN. What's stayed the same in Office ?

Even though there is a different installation technology, you can still use the same software distribution tools, such as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, that you currently use to deploy Office. The major version of Office is staying at Other registry locations and settings information that reference Add-ins and other extensibility solutions that are compatible with Office will most likely be compatible with Office or will require only minimal testing.

What are the new features in Office ? Office includes some, but not all, features that are available in versions of Office that come with an Office subscription plan. If you want to get new Office features on an on-going basis, you should consider moving to an Office plan that includes Office. How do I upgrade to Office ? We recommend that you uninstall existing versions of Office before you deploy Office For more information, see Remove existing versions of Office before installing Office For more information, see Deployment guide for OneNote.

All products in the Office are available in both bit and bit versions. We recommend bit on computers that have 4 gb or more of memory. But you should assess application compatibility and other factors that might require you to use the bit version. For more information, see Choose between the bit or bit version of Office. The last version for both products is Related topics.

Microsoft Outlook 2019 license

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