MS Office Home and Business 2018 mac

Not a huge number of updates since No support for OneDrive and the cloud Microsoft Office doesn't need much of an introduction, and Office is the latest and greatest version of the suite for business users. Importantly, it's yours for a one-off payment, as opposed to the regular subscription fees needed for Office Even though many users will now be switching to Office , if you need Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook on a single computer and can live without various cloud-sharing services, then Office is still worth a look. Here's what you get and how it works. All the latest deals on Microsoft Office packages Key features and apps Get hold of Microsoft Office and you've got the most powerful office applications at your fingertips: Word, Excel and PowerPoint offer a level of depth and control that you don't get from the likes of Google Docs or open source office alternatives. We've laid out the key components of Office below — click through on any of the sections to read our detailed reviews, which outline all the features and options available in these products. Word — Able to ace any kind of word processing job, Word is equally comfortable drafting letters, wrangling huge essays, or whipping up quick newsletters. Despite its wealth of features and tools, the app manages to still come across as accessible and intuitive, thanks to that Ribbon interface. Even after 30 years, this remains the word processor to beat. Excel — Packed with functions, no other spreadsheet program really comes close to Excel in terms of advanced capabilities. New features have been thin on the ground in recent years, but that's only because it already has everything you're going to need — from crunching the numbers on the annual budget to organizing the tea rota. PowerPoint — The all-powerful presentation tool gets some new tricks in Office , including support for advancing slides with Bluetooth pens, a new zoom interface for jumping between slides, and a cool morph transition. It might not be as lean as some of its newer rivals like Google Slides but it's hard to beat in terms of overall capabilities. Outlook — The one email, calendar, contacts and tasks application to rule them all, Outlook continues to impress, though like Excel it hasn't been blessed with many upgrades in recent years. Still, it's guaranteed to do a fine job of managing your emails across multiple accounts, and now features a new Focused inbox for your most important messages only. Access — Microsoft's venerable database application is still available to you when you pick up an Office purchase, should you have a need for it, and the app remains as solid and dependable as ever. New in this version are some improved chart types, support for a handful of new data types, and accessibility upgrades as well, but nothing major. Note that Microsoft hasn't included OneNote in the Office package, though you can choose to install the version if you want to. Instead, Microsoft is pushing users towards the Windows 10 OneNote app universally available to everyone , which should be enough to take care of all your note-taking needs. Office vs Office Office doesn't come with a wealth of new features compared with its predecessor, or anything that's necessarily going to change the game in terms of your productivity, but it does include a few upgrades that are worth highlighting. As we mentioned above, Outlook's new Focused inbox attempts to identify the emails that are most important to you, and pushes the rest into the background though you need a Microsoft Exchange account to use it. There's also support for having your messages read out loud, and better time zone support in the calendar component. In Word, you've got improved translation, text-to-speech, and text spacing options, as well as better support for stylus pens and digital scribbles within your documents. Also new is a Focus mode that strips away the surrounding distractions when you need to just read through something on-screen like the reading mode in most browsers. Over in Excel, you've got similar improvements to the inking capabilities, as well as a smattering of new functions and new chart types to get your teeth into. You can also now drop 3D models into your spreadsheets and view them from all angles.

MS Office Home and Business 2018 mac


How to Install Office 2019 on your MacOS Device

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