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While these were obvious 3D animation applications in the public eye, there were already research projects experimenting with rudimentary hidden-line 3D models that had texture, lighting and the other technologies that modern 3D animation rests upon.

Of course these prototypical technologies were not yet ready, it would only be in the 80s and beyond where companies like Silicon Graphics would kick start the CG revolution. The film Tron is probably the first or at least best known pioneer of solid 3D CG in film. Shortly afterward in cult classic The Last Starfighter upped the ante , making extensive use of CG in a way not yet seen.

The late 80s and early- to mid- 90s represented a major leap forward for CG in film. In with the release of Terminator 2: Judgement Day CG in film had become mainstream. Albeit restricted to films with the very highest budgets. Not everyone has the means to create their own custom software and by the mids it was clear that the market for a complete solution was wide open.

Enter the Maya Autodesk's Maya software is one of the most popular 3D animation packages in the history of the craft. Frankensoftware Maya is actually the codename given to a software porting project that combined three different software packages. This lead to the release of the first version of Maya in February of Nearly eighteen years ago.

The company that would become best known for bringing us Maya came into being in , a short three years before Maya 1. Mickey Saves the Day It was Disney that played a pivotal role in the early days when it came to making the industry aware of Maya.

Although the age of the CG film was well and truly established Toy Story was release extensive use of CG in live action film was still very much a rare specialty and the software was decidedly crude.

Allowing artists to completely customize their personal workflows and making the software itself highly modular. This approach to software interfacing and design is likely a key factor in the astounding reputation Maya has built for itself in the last two decades.

Countless films have made use of the technology and many of them have been Oscar material themselves. Iconic franchises like the Harry Potter series and not so iconic films such as any of the Transformers movies all rely on Maya to produce their jaw-dropping visuals.

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Original Autodesk Maya Software Autodesk Maya 2018 Full Version

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Original Autodesk Maya Software

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