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Enough that maybe I'm going to start looking for other options. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood? The OP just wanted to know if the feature was gone, and if so when did it get removed maybe to find an archived version of the app? It's hard for me to read their little "cute" emoji as anything but sarcastic, which is reinforced by one of the developers chiming in about how they must be asking to "make their mobile apps free" and the other guy talking about how with so many users anything they do will of course be found out. I've been a long-time user, and currently a subscriber, but I've just found the direction 1P is heading, and the way AgileBits communicate a lot of this to be frustrating. It's difficult to explain, but every time something like this comes up their responses frequently seem "off" and tone deaf. I'm not sure they understand how much their product can become a part of how people go about their daily life, and how changing that, no matter how small, can have pretty significant effects, with an accompanying emotional response. A while back they changed the way their vaults worked and you had to upgrade them. I've never been more nervous about an update to anything than I was with that update. The way the software communicated what was going to happen really didn't help, and there was a real feeling that this could all go horribly wrong. Something I respect from Basecamp is their commitment to keeping their old products around and keeping them maintained, even if they get no new features. They understand that they become a part of people's lives, and you mess that up at your peril. For reasons that are difficult to articulate I just don't trust AgileBits to not completely bugger up things for me in some way by changing something that they regard as unimportant, but to me is significant. Even to me, this feels like I'm probably overreacting, but my passwords and online identities are so important that even the smallest hint of untrustworthyness is unnerving. The impact of losing all those details would be massive. The responses went downhill really quickly. I only just jumped back onto the MacOS bandwagon and was looking at resubscribing I've had an awesome experience with their email customer support reps in the past which brought me back but if this is how the public facing side of the development team acts I'll be much more open to alternatives now than I would have been yesterday. I chose to migrate to storing everything in iCloud Keychain instead. I'm trying Bitwarden now and it seems to be ok.

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Purchase 1Password Software

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