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The Nissan Qashqai was probably the car that fired the crossover to prominence, combining family car space, running costs and road manners with a 4x4 body boasting chunky looks and an elevated driving position. At the smaller end of the scale a class that was also pioneered by Nissan with the Juke you have diminutive SUVs which are more at home in the city and often even more adventurous in the style stakes. Typically, crossovers deliver the same kind of space that you'll find in a more conventional hatchback, but buyers like the raised ride height of a crossover, as it gives them a better view of the road ahead. This perceived safety benefit goes hand-in-hand with the latest range of electronic driver aids, while the newest models are as good to drive as their hatchback counterparts, too. And if you want a more SUV-like driving experience, most crossovers are available with four-wheel drive, usually on high-spec versions. With so many makers vying for sales, the market can be a confusing mess to the uninitiated. There are assorted shapes and sizes of crossover, from tiny to huge, and the boundaries seem to blur even more with each new model that's launched. At the smaller end of the scale, beyond a recent batch of off-road styled superminis, there's the Suzuki Ignis , which is one of the smallest crossovers on sale. Further up is the Juke class of supermini crossover.

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The Best Deals On CrossOver


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