Windows Server 2018 Standard 64 bit

If you are looking for an operating System that can handle all of your Server managements and data analysis you can make use of this operating system. One of the most important thing in this type of operating systems is to ensure the online security and management.

So that now one can dare to access your server and steal some of your precious files. They come to conclude that the people are more stasfied for using the Win Server Version one their Web Servers for all type of departments.

All of them are in the favor of making use of this operating system, because it provides world class support and features for making the online community more unite and professional.

There are several tools and features have been added which makes the system more secure and reliable for making it to use. Like the Virtual Desktop Setup is one of the handy tool which make the people capable of making their own servers setup in few hours or even you can say minutes. The Speed and performance of the overall OS has been improved from the previous version by optimization in the graphics as well in the coding. With the optimization of speed you will wonder that how much Speedy is this OS to make the apps and software run faster.

One of the handy tool and feature of Server ISO R2 Windows which makes us to make our server available for the rest of world. We can share the entire server with our friends and colleagues for making sure that they are connected and making using of all the apps. You can give a limited access as well because some users need to be in some limit.

Like the students or teachers should be given some sort of limted acess so that they can be resourced accordingly. After setting up your server, you can actually manage in a bossy way too. Give access to limited people or open it for everybody. It entirely depends on you and your company policy that what kind of services you are offering to the people as well to the company employees. As far as storage is concerned, you can actually buy some storage in the form of VPS etc hosting.

They will be providing you some storage quota where you can store all of your data and clients data safe and sound. New tools and features makes the OS more stable and reliable.

Server Virtualization and Storage. Manage your servers by giving access or limits. Information protection is the core feature and serious one too.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is improved a lot. Networking has been updated with new algorithms. Web and Apps Controls. Increased Resilience and Speed Delivery of Services to the clients.

More Secure operating system. Graphics has been improved a lot. Can be used on enterprise level. Data Centre Platform for larger platforms. No upfront cost on such huge hardware. Systems Requirements:

Windows Server 2018 Standard 64 bit

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